October 11th, 2006

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What should I do if I'm receiving harassing or unwanted comments?


If the comments are posted by a LiveJournal user, the first thing that you should do is ban that user from commenting in your journal. To prevent unwanted anonymous comments, or to prevent LiveJournal users from commenting at you anonymously, you can disable anonymous commenting in your journal. Alternatively, you can set your journal so that anonymous users can only post "screened" comments, which means that you'll have to approve those comments first.


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What can I do if someone added me to their Friends list without my permission?


It is not a violation of LiveJournal's Terms of Service for another person
to add you to their Friends list. It does not allow the user who has added
you any special access to your journal; it only allows the user to read your
public entries on their friends page rather than going to your journal
directly. It does not allow the individual who has added you any access to
your Friends-only entries.