December 1st, 2002


This is the official copy, reposted for your debating convenience. Comments have been disabled so that the vocabulary discussion happens on other entries.
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Still alive. I see that more people are lurking here now than ever before. :)

Anyway, the common vocabulary chart has been changed.
Added: sitemap, LJ client, screen(ed) comments, reply
Changed: private to プライベート, default to デフォルト. These were not objected to at the last posting.

Anything else need to be added or fixed? Things with question marks are unknown or thought dubious. Both コミュニティ and コミュニティー seem to be in use for "community," we should probably pick one.

The vocab chart also shows up in the community info and memories now, so feel free to forget where it is exactly.

One other random thing: remember to look at context a lot if you're translating. I came across some weird translations that make sense if you look at the English, but not if you read the page they're in. Good luck. :)


For the missing ones:
friends list  →  友達リスト
authorization code  →  認定コード
LiveJournal client   →  LiveJournal(の)クライアント
(to) screen  →  篩い分ける
(note that スクリーンする does not make any sense)
protected  →  保護されます

As far as コミュニティ vs コミュニティー, I'd say stick with コミュニティ.

I'd say good call on プロフィール for user info(rmation).

Possible suggestions for changes:
(メンバー)ディレクトリ  →  ユーザー名鑑
事項索引  →  トピック名鑑
(What's the difference between a member and a user?)

(These words are okay as far as programming goes,
not sure if this applies to forums and such)
直前のコメント  →  親
ツリー一覧   →  スレッド

セキュリティーレベル  →  機密保護のレベル

On the note of 読む & 見る; Has 「・・・を表示」 been considered?

(For something more literal)
よくある質問  →  よく聞かれる質問

Out of curiosity, is there any particular reason コメント was chosen instead of 論評?