May 10th, 2002

  • dvarin

Front Page

The LJ front page and most of the navigation controls have been translated. You can look at it by setting your language to Japanese here, or setting your preferred language in your browser to Japanese. Also, this link
will always show Japanese, and this link
will always show English.

If you set languange, then the comment threading controls will show in Japanese as well.

It would be good if people would check this out now before the FAQ starts getting translated--chances are there will be a not insignificant number of questions that have answers starting with "click on the link that says 'XYZ' in the blue nav bar..."

One of the dubious things I did in the nav bar to shorten links to fit in one line was drop the する off of 何何する verbs, newspaper-style. Is there a better way to do this, or should the bar just get wider?

As for the intro page, I came out with some kinda weird Japanese, though the source English was a little weird too. I'm pretty sure someone can come up with a better translation for the open-source paragraph than what's there. :)