Taiz /タイヅ (brandstetter) wrote in lj_nihongo,
Taiz /タイヅ

Translation Utility Down?

As you might have noticed already, I've submitted proposals for
+Create New Journal page
+Edit Info page
and did some translations a while ago.
Though I had added ETA to each posts of proposals, I'd like to mention it here again, for a record. ^^ (there are some changes/additions which are made after the 6 Apart's news, though.)

Um, I know it looked rather autocratic of me that I submitted them before having any suggestions or critiques-- I apologize for my selfish behaviour(I'm sorry!!), but it was NEVER my intention to act like a tyrant! I just mistook the order... Err, I'll fix it.

By the way, is it only me who can't see the Translation Utility now?
Because I'd like to re-post my proposals as plain text if it was not only me.
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