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Guh, I forgot to say this:
Firstly, thank you so much for giving me a priv.! I didn't notice it for a long while, I'm sorry, but I feel honored. I hope I'll be able to contribute to the translation. :)

I have changed some basic words of basic pages(such as date, subject, user picture icon, etc, mood, et al) into Japanese. I'm sorry for not asking you beforehand, but I just thought it would be OK since they are unmistakable words, and it seemd that you all are busy. (^^;

However, several translations I used were different from 単語表, because I thought they would be more natural and and easy-to-understand even for newbies. How do you think?

current music: 音楽→BGM
subject (line): サブジェクト → タイトル
backdate entry: 古い記事として扱う? → 過去の日時に更新
Frinds List: 友達リスト


And, I have trouble translating these words below.
Do you have any idea of better translations, or which one do you think is better?:

Screen: スクリーン, スクリーンをかける/はずす(する/しない), 隠す/隠さない
Security (level): セキュリティーレベル? → 公開レベル
Syndication account: RSS受信アカウント
Phone Post: 電話ポスト/電話更新、音声ポスト/音声更新、フォンポスト
E-mail Post: メールポスト/メール更新
Friend of: ...の友達
Mutural Friends: 友達同士
Theme: 色テーマ、配色

Browse Option: サイトオプション → 表示オプション(I think this one is better)
Press: マスコミへ → プレスルーム


(FAQ #71)

(A bit about Encoding and  Account Made.)

(I found some changes in FAQ about User Picture)

[ETA]Submitted, since the changes were not many.^^

Constractive criticism is very welcome! I'll appreciate your advices.

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